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Protect your Wireless Endpoint
AirStop PRO AirStop Multiport AirStop Wireless

Centralized control of communications adapters, storage devices and WiFi connectivity

Prevent bridging attacks and data leakage by controlling communications and storage adapters

Enforce connection to secure wireless networks while preventing access to unfiltered content

AirStop® PRO is security policy enforcement software which gives IT departments centralized control of network adapters, storage devices and WiFi access across the enterprise.

Designed as an enterprise application, the software allows a single communications adapter to be active while shutting down all others.  It also enforces connection to secure WiFi networks only. 

The AirStop Server is used for management of user groups as well as full reporting for regulatory compliance and analysis of security incidents.

AirStop® Multiport is an endpoint security solution which prevents data leakage by controlling all communications adapters and storage devices on laptop and desktop computers. 

Designed as an enterprise applications, the software enforces security policy by allowing a single communications adapter to be used and closing all others. The software can be used to prevent usage of USB and DVD based storage devices.

AirStop is a security policy enforcement application which protects the network while reducing help desk tickets.

AirStop® Wireless is a wireless endpoint security solution which prevents access to unsafe WiFi networks, while ensuring connection to secure WLANs only. 

The "Sticky Wireless"® functionality ensures that wireless connections are made only to authorized wireless networks and prevents users from connecting to unauthorized networks such as cafes, neighbors and WiFi Hotspots.

The solution is especially effective for ensuring connection to content filtered networks only while preventing access to adult, gaming and dating sites.

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